July 21, 1961 – halfway around the world (Gene)

Ministry of Education
National Institute of Audio-Visual Education
Indraprastha Estate
Ring Road

21 July, 1961

Dear Val,

I find myself often wondering how your [camp] season is going and have the feeling somehow that it’s just down the road from here to Maribel. Jon, however, is intrigued that we’re halfway around the world from there and gets a big charge out of figuring what’s happening in Plymouth Meeting at the time he’s doing something here. When he gets up, for example, he’s amused that Douglas Smith is just about going to bed. He tries to apply this principle for various periods of the day, and has things pretty well worked out. Even allowing for age differences, a thought like this would never cross Ruthie’s mind.

Weather here continues hot and humid, but in a month or so heads into delightful weather, we’re told. A U.S. news item said there was an epidemic of cholera in Delhi, but this is simply not so. There was trouble in the South in Madras, and emergency trouble in Poona when an earthen dam gave way in heavy rains and put half of Poona under six feet of water, cutting off all services. This was the first time Poona was ever under water.

I haven’t travelled out of Delhi yet.

[missing page 2?]

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