July 5, 1961 – settling in (Anita)

July 5, 1961

Dear Irv:

Bless you for your letter of June 26 which we just received this a.m. As you’ve probably surmised by now, APO is not too fast – you have to figure on 10 days – but it’s pretty safe and that’s more than can be said for the postal service in India. Anyway, we were terribly impressed that you took the time to write us a letter in LONG HAND and are very appreciative for all the little details you seem to be taking care of for us.

I’m hoping that Teachers College, Columbia, has sent through a deposit for Gene’s first month’s salary. Also, there will be a check from Temple for the month of June coming in. Gene’s secretary may have forwarded it here, in which case we’ll be sending it back halfway across the world again. With this crazy time lag between deposits, it’s just possible that we’ll run short before those big deposits are made. I sure hope not; t’would be most embarrassing for you and for us, too.

I hope that Gene’s secretary has gotten my first long letter out to all of you by now. Within the next week, I’ll be composing another one which will probably reach you in the same fashion.

We are having ourselves a crazy mixed-up time out here. Life is paced so differently and you either fall in line or go out of your mind. Most of the time I fall in line – the heat helps make you do that anyway – but every once in a while I start to seethe and ask myself how this country has kept from going Communist long before this. At the moment I am particularly furious because we had found an apartment which is about to be vacated by another TCM family and although the rent was high, we were all set to pay it; and then, lo and behold, hearing that another family was interested, the robber baron landlord demanded 200 rupees more per month! Needless to say I told him he could keep his apartment on those terms. And we’re not half as bad off as the poor who are being taken advantage of in a different way but still have no roof over their heads most of the time.

But there are lots of good things here, too; and once we’ve gotten ourselves settled, I’ll be able to enjoy them. Actually, I’ve been having a wonderful time up to now because anything new and different fascinates me; and believe me, everything here is just that. We’ve made lots of Indian friends – they’re all different, all intriguing, and from each we learn volumes; because the educated ones are really informed to their finger-tips on their own history and on world politics.

Jon and Ruth will start their nursery and kindergarten classes on August 5. I’ve been in touch with the director; she’s delightful; trained in the States; and runs a very modern set-up. I’ll give more details another time.

Give our love to everyone and thanks again for your trouble. I’m enclosing four checks for deposit. Tell Edna to write; I’m longing to hear from her.


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